John W Sakel - June 6, 2017


John began playing with The Old Dam Community Band sometime around 2009 after he co-directed one of our concerts to celebrate all of the band directors who had taught at Castle High School. John taught music and also served as principle at Castle High School. John was also a treasured member in the Little Old Dam Band. He always had a smile on his face and would unfailingly ask about the other member's families. He is sadly missed.


Charlie Dewig - December 2, 2016

Tuba - Trombone

Charlie was a fixture for many years in bands across the tri-state. A talented tuba and trombone player, Charlie was an early member of the Old Dam Band. He also played in the Hadi Shriner's Brass Band, the Evansville Symphonic Band, Silver Classics and various quintets. Charlie worked in the family business, Dewig Meats in Haubstadt and later was a concrete truck driver. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of Mopar cars and parts. He was devoted to both his family and to his music.


Carl Becker - May 15, 2016

Director - Trumpet - Horn

Carl honorably served in the United States Army and taught music in Northern Indiana, Mater Dei High School, Stell Jr. High School and Pace High School in Brownsville Texas. He organized and played in many bands and musical groups in Texas and Indiana including The Bend of the River Brass Band, Old Dam Band, Christian Fellowship Orchestra, Temple Aires, Martin King Orchestra, Zenergy Jazz Band, Brownsville High School Stage Band, and Brownsville Directors Dance Band. He enjoyed and lived music starting as a young trumpet player. When he was unable to continue playing trumpet, Carl switched to Horn and Percussion to continue playing in the Old Dam Band and the Bend in the River Brass Band. In addition to playing in the band, Carl directed the Band on occasion.


Elizabeth Emmert - April 13, 2015.


Elizabeth "Betty" left Vincennes Lincoln High School with a dream to be a music performance educator and attended Indiana State Teachers College, now Indiana State University. After graduation she left for her first teaching position at Clear Springs High School and soon after moved to Haubstadt, Ind. Music performance and love of her students would be the second most important thing in her life, trailing only behind her family.She served as a choir director at St. James Church in Haubstadt and at Sts. Peter and Paul in Haubstadt, and Mater Dei High School in Evansville. She played her clarinet as an active member of the Old Dam Band, Vincennes City Band, and Wolfgang Orchestra. Her idea to start a Front Porch Polka Band during the Sommerfest has become part of the scene during the town's June celebration and she loved to have her family and friends play with her. Elizabeth would raise five music educators of her own and six teachers total. Through them her impact would continue to grow and influence music throughout the state on Indiana and beyond.


Gerald Tenbarge - September 7, 2013


Jerry began playing percussion in the band several years prior to his death. He had played in the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the legendary Tommy Dorsey Band. He loved the snare drum and brought with him experience from his days playing with the military. Most Tuesday nights Gerry would bring his wife Shirley along to keep the beat with a tambourine.


Wayne Fiester - September 4, 2013


Wayne joined the band the first rehearsal and never looked back. He was a devoted member of both the Old Dam Band and the Little Old Dam Dixieland Band. He was a member of the band Board of Directors serving as Vice President. He loved to blow his horn.


Fred Hormuth - July 31, 2013


Fred joined the band on a recommendation by his brother-in-law Bill Haas. He became a valued band member and assumed responsibility for buying and distributing band shirts.


Ray Arensman - June 28, 2013


Ray was a true friend of the band. He was a generous contributor in time and donations. He loved music, was active in several bands and was the founder of the Temple Airs. When not playing in a concert, he and his wife were sitting in the audience listening.


Geneice Snow - June 25, 2013

Flute/F horn

Geneice loved to play music. She joined the band as a flute player but complications from an illness required amputation of her right hand and wrist. She was not daunted but switched to an instrument that could be played left handed - the French horn. Not an easy transition but it allowed her to continue playing with the band.


Jim Sermersheim - June 12, 2013


Jim was a true musician with a flair for improvisation. He was a member of both the Old Dam Band and the Little Old Dam Dixieland Band. His musicianship was appreciated by all who heard him play.


Hugh Wittaker - April 14, 2013


Hugh, a member of both the Old Dam Band and the Little Old Dam Dixieland Band was a friend to all. He loved playing and interacting with other band members. He was a true entertainer and shined during Little Old Dam Dixieland Band performances.


Al Barthlow - July 27, 2010


Al was a talented musician. He most recently played with the Owensboro Community Band, the Old Dam Band, Bend in the River Brass Band, Hadi Temple Brass Band, and the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra 2nd Street Band. He also played with many top names while in New Orleans and other areas; including The Dukes of Dixieland, Pete Fountain, Al Hirt, Boots Randolph, and Harry Connick, Sr.  He had a quick wit and his constant comments made band practice fun for those who sat near him.