2006 Band History
John Powell, Band Historian


Rachelle Gore, Dave Emery, Terry Schultz, Jean Emery, Frank Book, John Powell, Wayne Fiester, Jim Sermersheim, Janet Pirtle, Ted Gore, Hugh Whitaker, Bill Haas, and Dan Schultz

January 14, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band performed at the Willow Park Retirement Home in Evansville. About 50 residents enjoyed the music and provided coffee and cookies to the members of the band.

January 27, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band played a unique concert as they performed at the Cross Roads Christian Church for the surprise birthday party of one of the church's members. The band played for one hour to entertain the 60 friends and relatives of the man celebrating a birthday. The play list included The Thunderer, Go West, American River Songs, Merry Go Round, A Disney Spectacular, Themes Like Old Times, Sunburst, The Incredibles, Lone Ar-ranger, Chicago, Cartoon Carnival and Happy Birthday for the guest of honor.
The musicians were then treated to a Bar BQ dinner.

February 5, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained about 100 customers of the REMAX company at the AMF Arc Lanes bowling alley. The band received many compliments for the lively music and added some to the band's bank account too.

February 11, 2006 The Little Old Dam played in the lobby of The Centre in Evansville as several thousand patrons arrived to attend “The Really Big Show”. Over $80,000 was raised to benefit the the Evansville ARC which provides training and employment for handicapped young people. The band wore cowboy hats and played western tunes in keeping with the country and western theme of the show.

February 14, 2006 Although the band president, Dan Schultz, had received a letter saying that the band had been passed over for an ALCOA grant, he did receive an envelope from ALCOA on this date containing a check for $750 and a nice letter saying that, even though we did not receive a formal grant from ALCOA, they wanted to do something nice for us since we are such a service to the community. Sally Lambert just sent us the donation to use as we see fit. The only thing she asked in return is that we acknowledge receipt on our letterhead and let them know how we will use the money.

February 17, 2006 The band secretary, Tracy McConnell, has begun a practice of sending news releases to the Evansville Courier and Press to publicize the bands' activities and recruit new members. The release for February 17th follows: “ The Little Old Dam Band which is a small Dixieland comprised of members of the Old Dam Community Band, will be performing at the Fly-Fishing Club meeting at Atkinson Park in Henderson, Kentucky, on February 18. Players in the band range from early teens to their 80s. If you play an instrument, come and 'sit in'
at a practice session. The band meets for rehearsals every Tuesday from
7 to 9PM at the Old Lock and Dam Building on Indiana 662 in Newburgh.
For more information, call Tracy McConnell at 812-490-3541 or visit www.olddamband.com.”

February 18, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained the Henderson Fly-Fishing Club for one hour preceding a dinner at Atkinson Park.
About 40 members and guests enjoyed the music as they waited for the meal to arrive. The band expected a fish dinner from the Fly-Fishing Club but enjoyed a chicken dinner instead.

February 28, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band celebrated the sixth anniversary of its founding at the rehearsal on this date. Several members brought refreshments that were enjoyed during the break. There were 35 musicians at this rehearsal as opposed to six who appeared at the first one six years earlier. Jeff Middleton announced that Cinergy has donated $450 to the band.

March 11, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained 25 folks at Willow Park Retirement Home with an assortment of Dixieland tunes. The retirees sang along with several of the tunes and some even danced.


Dave Emery, John Powell, Ted Gore, Dan Schultz, Jim Sermersheim, Bill Haas and Wayne Fiester

March 14, 2006 At the band rehearsal on this date Bryant Taylor announced that Evansville Federal Credit Union donated $50.00. He had noticed a program to help volunteer organizations in which credit union members spend at least 15 hours of their time. He printed a form from that mailing and sent it in. They approved a $50.00 dollar donation.

March 18, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played for the annual St. Patrick's Day fund raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the Tri-State Athletic Club. A few Irish tunes were interspersed with the Dixieland songs by the band.

April 15, 2006 Members of the Old Dam Community Band boarded the trailer to play in the first annual Newburgh Easter Parade. The parade began at the former library building and slowly wound around the block onto Jennings to State Street and back to the library building on Water Street. Players for this event were. Dan Schultz, Bill Haas, Ted and Rachelle Gore, Hugh Whittaker, Brian Hartig, Frank Book, Carl Zimmerman, Mary Williams, Dave McGill, Tracy McConnell and Wayne Fiester. Jim Fox conducted from the towing vehicle which was driven by Jim Sermershiem.

On April 29, 2006, some members of the Old Dam Community Band participated in the parade held in Evansville for the 85th state convention of the Indiana Lions Clubs. The Old Dam Band was the only musical unit in the parade which was held by and for the more than 475 members of the Lions Clubs meeting in Evansville.

May 18, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band presented a one-hour concert
at the Saint Benedict Church summer festival in Evansville. A stage on the bed of two semi trailers and chairs were provided. About 75 workers and attendees enjoyed the music. The band performed well in spite of the chilly wind which wanted to blow the music away.

May 19, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played for the Historic Newburgh
Wine and Art Festival at the Lock and Dam Park. About 110 people were involved with the wine tasting activity. The band's own shelter was set up near the large tent that housed the wine tasting part of the festival but the band played inside the main tent on Friday night. Other bands used the music tent on Saturday when art works occupied the west end of the bigger tent..

May 26, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained about 75 residents and guests at the Atria retirement home during a Memorial Day picnic.

May 27, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band performed for the Memorial Day service at Rose Hill Cemetery in Newburgh. About 75 people were there for the program.

Rose Hill Cemetery Memorial Day Service

May 27, 2006 Later on May 27 the band played for two hours to entertain the crowd at the Newburgh Presbyterian Church's strawberry festival. Several hundred people enjoyed the music and strawberries during the two
hour concert.

Newburgh Presbyterian Church Strawberry Festival

June 3, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played two shows on this date. They first played for one hour at the Newburgh Community Day program at the Union Bank branch. The band then went to Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky, to again play for the Weber Family reunion. There were about 60 Webers at the reunion this year. The next one is planned for 2008. The band treasury collected a total of $150 for the day. The little band also had a formal picture taken on this date.

June 4, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band provided the music for a birthday party held for Debby Zara of Newburgh. The “Happy Birthday Song” was followed by some patriotic and Dixieland tunes. She and about 40 of her
family members and friends were happy with the band's music. They also contributed to the treasury.

June 11, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained members of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Evansville as they held a fund raiser to build a Habitat House. About 80 people enjoyed the music, ate lunch and contributed money to Habitat.

June 13, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band played a one hour concert for 35 patrons at the Alexander Library in Mount Vernon, Indiana. The concert was part of the library’s “Music Rocks” program that included an instrument petting zoo. H&H Music provided band instruments for people to see and “pet”.

June 14. 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played for a Flag Day luncheon at the St. Lucas Church of Christ in Evansville. The lunch and concert were sponsored by the St Lucas Women’s Guild. Thirty-three ladies enjoyed the show and contributed to the band fund.

June 17, 2006 The parade trailer was filled with musicians as the Old Dam Community Band played for the Haubstadt Sommerfest parade. The parade passed almost every house in Haubstadt.

June 24 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played at the Washington Square Shopping Center in support of the Relay For Life fund raiser in behalf of cancer research. Dave McGill played trombone for Wayne Fiester who was at music camp with Dan Schultz and Hugh Whittaker. Bill Haas covered the tuba parts. Many compliments were received from shoppers and Relay volunteers.

July 2, 2006. The Little Old Dam Band played for the family reunion of its clarinet player, Dave Emery. The clan met at the pool of the apartments where Dave and Jean live to swim and hear Dixieland music.

July 4, 2006 The annual fireworks show at Newburgh was postponed because of forecast storms. However, the evening was nice so many members of the band rehearsed on the hill in front of the band office building.

July 7, 2006 The band played on the hill again for a large crowd of music and fireworks fans. The hilltop site proves to be more comfortable for the band and fills the valley with music.

uly 15, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band has played for anniversaries, church services and some birthdays but the event on this date was unique. It was to celebrate the 55th birthday of the hippopotamus, Donna, at the Mesker Zoo in Evansville. The crowd, the hippo and even a nearby monkey enjoyed the music.

July 19, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band play for a luncheon at the Newburgh Senior Center. Special guests at this luncheon were Reg and Shirley Porter from Newburgh, England. They were in this country for a meeting of twin city participants.

August 10, 2006 The steamboat “Delta Queen” arrived at Evansville at 8 AM and docked along side the LST 325. The Little Old Dam Band played for the passengers as they disembarked for a tour of Evansville and Henderson. There were 150 passengers on the boat and about 100 people greeting them or working on the LST.

During the summer of 2006, these members of the Old Dam Community Band attended the Northern Ohio Adult Band Camp at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, which is near Cleveland.


Gene Van Stone, Hugh Whitaker, Nance and Wayne Fiester, Terri and Dan Schultz, Mary Williams, Tracy McConnell, Jona Witherspoon, Ruthe Potami

August 17. 2006 The Old Dam Community Band entertained the residents of the Lakeside Manor Retirement Village with a 90 minute concert. Over 100 persons enjoyed the music, ice cream and cake as the 32 piece band directed by Dr. Jim Fox played for them.

August 26, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played for the Summer Festival at St. Johns Catholic Church in Newburgh. Over 1,500 people enjoyed the music and the festival.

September 10, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band played for the residents of Atria Assisted Living and their friends and family. About 400 people enjoyed the music and the tricks of a magician.

September 16, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band played for the Arts Fest at Willard Library again this year. The band only consisted of 19 players as the Owensboro musicians were preparing for a concert with their band and could not come. A competing arts fest at Haynie’s Corner reduced the Willard Library event to seven booths and a small crowd of
about 50 people.

September 23, 2006 The Little Old Dam Played for the annual picnic and old car show at the Rathbone Home in Evansville. Because of rain, the event was held inside the home this year. About 50 residents and workers enjoyed the music and food.

October 1, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band entertained about 1,000 bicycle riders as they returned to the 4H fairgrounds after participating in the 25th annual Great Pumpkin 5 K ride. After the concert, the band members joined the bike riders for a spaghetti dinner.

October 7, 2006 The Old Dam Band parade contingent participated in the West Side Nut Club’s parade. Thousands of people enjoyed the music played by the only brass band in the parade.

October 8, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band entertained about 225 people at the Rotary Club’s Heritage Fest at Wesselman Park.

October 15, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained about 100 members of the Zion Church of Christ in Evansville as they held their annual picnic. The picnic was held in doors because the weather was too cold outside.

October 29, 2006 The annual business meeting, picnic and concert for the Old Dam Community Band was held at the lock and dam building on this date. President Dan Schultz announced that the term of three board members would expire at year’s end - Jim Sermersheiim, Frank Book and Tracy McConnell. Frank and Tracy agreed to run again and Ted Gore was elected to replace Jim Sermersheim. Wayne Fiester described a plan for persons who want to order clothing from the uniform supplier. They should make their choice at the supplier’s web page and give the necessary information to Wayne via e-mail.

2007 Board of Directors



29 October 2006 During the evening of this date, the Little Old Dam Band entertained the crown at PAWWS Muttley Masquerade. This was a fund raiser for PAWWS which has placed 300 animals during the past year. A silent auction and other money making efforts were underway during the evening. The Little Band followed a young man who sang as he strummed a guitar and the music of a string quartet.

November 14, 2006 Although the funds from most organization that help the band are mailed to the treasurer, on this date a formal presentation was made. The Warrick County Community Foundation presented a check to the Old Dam Band to fund the fall and Christmas concerts in 2007. Secretary Tracy McConnell and President Dan Schultz accepted the grant.

November 25, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band entertained 37 residents at the Newburgh Health Center with Christmas music.

December 1, 2 and 3 The Old Dam Community Band spread holiday cheer on the streets of Newburgh on two of these three days with concerts called "Chestnuts Roasting" and "Sidewalk Caroling".
On December 2 and 3, the Little Old Dam Band entertained children at Santa Land on West Franklin Street in Evansville.

December 5, 2006 The Old Dam Community band presented a concert of Christmas music for 31 seated persons and several library patrons strolling by at the Evansville-Vanderburgh Central Library. There were 37 players in the band for this event.


First Row: Jona Witherspoon, Tracy McConnell, Pat King, Genine Snow, Sandy Rawls, Dr. James Fox, conductor, Mary Ann Decker, Elizabeth Emmert, Ruth Potami.
Second Row: Mike Fillippi, Carl Zimmerman, Lowell Woolsey, Terri Schultz, Mary Williams, Bill Wallace, Bryan Hartig, Mark Taylor, Virgil Miller, Terry Bailey, Carl Becker, Ed Ellis, Frank Book
Third Row: Gene Van Stone, Steve Pitt, Hugh Whittaker, Mike Reising, Charles Dewig, Roy Dorris, Mark Meyer, Dave McGill, Wayne Fiester, Beverly Dorris
Fourth Row: Dan Schultz, Bill Haas, James Hadley, Ted and Rachelle Gore
December 10, 2005 The band played for the second annual Christmas concert at the Newburgh Presbyterian Church. Fifty-two person enjoyed the concert of Christmas music.

December 16, 2006 The Little Old Dam Band and the Concert Band performed at Santa Land to entertain over 100 youngsters who visited Santa Claus.

December 19, 2006 The Old Dam Community Band presented a concert for about 50 music lovers at the new Newburgh Library.
The Old Dam Community Bands had a busy year with 51 performances. The Little Band played Dixieland or Christmas music in 28 shows. The concert band played 17 times. The parade trailer performed in six parades. The concert band continued to rehearse each Tuesday evening at the Lock and Dam Building in Newburgh.

Financial Support: Like most organizations, the Old Dam Community Band needs financial support from friends and the community. The town of Newburgh has always provided facilities for rehearsal and performances for the band. The following organizations have given monetary support to keep the band’s treasury in the black:

Deaconess Gateway Hospital, friends of Jeff Bender, Arc Lanes, Tri-State Athletic Club, Atria Assisted Living, Newburgh Presbyterian Church, United Fidelity Bank, Weber Family Reunion, Deby Zaro Family, Alexander Library, Emery Family Reunion, Solarbron Retirement Community, REMAX Realtors, Mesker Park Zoo, Lakeside Manor, St. John The Baptist Catholic Church, Arts In The Park, St.. Lucas Church of Christ, Rotary Clubs of Evansville, Zion Evangelical Church, Evansville - Vanderburgh Library System, Alcoa Warrick Operations, Cinergy Foundation INC., Warrick County Community Foundation and Warrick Federal Credit Union.

Donations and grants from these organizations as well as contributions from individuals make it possible for the band to provide its unique service to the area.